This was a film I worked on several years ago.  I was recommended to help out on this project through my friends Liisa Crume and Danni Rascon, both of whom I have worked with on several other projects, Liisa mostly though.

This was a super fun project, though I wasn’t able to make it to all of the shoot dates.  It was co-written and directed by David Malki !, who, I was supprised to find out, had quite a fanbase.  Most of the other people helping on the film signed up on his website to help and they had never worked on a film before, pretty awesome.

David Malki ! is known for his “Wondermarkcomic strips.  If you haven’t read any, I would definitely take a minute and jump over to his site, you’ll get hooked.  David is also quite active on Twitter, so, when you get to his site, you should follow his Twitter feed as well.

This film was shot as a short in hopes to build interest to fund a feature length film of the same story.

It was shot on the Canon XL2 MiniDV camera.  I was fortunate enough to be asked to be the 1ST AC on the film.


– The Bradical


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