My name is Brad Harris, I am a film maker, cinematographer, editor and Apple specialist living in South Orange County.

I have submersed my life with as much fun as I possibly can, and most of that fun comes from the pursuit of refining my skills at editing (video) and shooting (video).

Through my travels, I have been so fortunate to have been given the opportunities to experience such a vast array of different styles, personalities and mediums.

I have gone from skater/snowboarder to skate/snow videographer, even getting quite a bit of my footage used for some pretty big videos!  I then started working for a local sports personality and got to experience professional studio and location shoots, even shooting with a giant camera on the back of a motorcycle (I didn’t enjoy that…).  But after taking a film making class at Saddleback College, the fire was reignited and redirected.  Short films dominated my life, I loved telling stories, even though I can’t write to save my life, I could tell stories with my computer.

I have spent the last few years squeezing in as many films in as I can while juggling a full-time job at Apple and a wife and puppy.

If I can have this much fun in 27 years, I don’t know what I’m gonna do for the next 100 years.  Yeah, I want to live to 127 (It could happen…)


– The Bradical

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