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This was a film I worked on several years ago.  I was recommended to help out on this project through my friends Liisa Crume and Danni Rascon, both of whom I have worked with on several other projects, Liisa mostly though.

This was a super fun project, though I wasn’t able to make it to all of the shoot dates.  It was co-written and directed by David Malki !, who, I was supprised to find out, had quite a fanbase.  Most of the other people helping on the film signed up on his website to help and they had never worked on a film before, pretty awesome.

David Malki ! is known for his “Wondermarkcomic strips.  If you haven’t read any, I would definitely take a minute and jump over to his site, you’ll get hooked.  David is also quite active on Twitter, so, when you get to his site, you should follow his Twitter feed as well.

This film was shot as a short in hopes to build interest to fund a feature length film of the same story.

It was shot on the Canon XL2 MiniDV camera.  I was fortunate enough to be asked to be the 1ST AC on the film.


– The Bradical


The Cable Wrap

This stupid thing was made a couple years ago by myself and Justin Jones. We did this because the people we worked with wouldn’t clean up their stations when they were done, so, we spent hours making this dumb video and even had a live performance, and guess what? No one still would clean up their stations.

So, video, ineffective.


Nima Jalali – Small Bus Kids

Nima Jalali’s part from the Small Bus Kids video.
This video was made back in 2000 – 2001 and has a few of my friends, including, Jesse White, Nima Jalali, John Herick, Jeremy Eagan, Shaun White, Brandon Wagner, Brad Harris, Danny Williams, Mike Hakker, Daniel Trigo, Jerome Hernandez, David Michael, Lance Hakker, Derrik Rue, Brian Fox, Steve Cook, & Christiana Lappore.

My old friend Jimmy Fontaine just put up a bunch of photos that he shot during this period with all these guys on his Facebook.  It was cool to see old faces and some photos that I hadn’t seen for 10+ years.

This was really the end of my snowboarding life.  I hurt my back at Mt. High that next summer on a simple fall while filming  an up & coming kid, who’s name escapes me right now (sorry dude).  We were hiking a simple C-box and after I hit it I cut across the slope and caught my heel edge.  Had a super simple fall that eventually I would find out years later that I had a pinched nerve.  Doesn’t sound like a bad thing until the next season where I couldn’t even make it down one full run before my feet would go numb/on fire.

I don’t want this to sound like too much of a bummer, as much as I miss these guys, and all my other friends from home that I rode with every week, I had by this time met the girl that I was going to spend the rest of my life with.  So I would say, it was a pretty fair trade.

Anyway, at the end of that season, Nima, who he and Jesse I had spent most of the year filming with, went and bought the same camera as I had.  Effectively, that meant to me “Look, we don’t need you that much anymore!”  I know that wasn’t how he meant it, but it was just my time then.

So enjoy this goofy-ass old video, I’ll dig up other parts of the video for future posts.



An Updated Sizzle Reel

So, on my old Demo Reel, I mentioned that I needed to update it, get some new projects in.  Well, I’ve done that… kinda.  I do have new stuff in it, I’ve swapped out some shots.  Problem is though, I lost the full quality of some of the films… meaning I had to pull them from YouTube.  Definitely not ideal, but as soon as I get the good ones back, I can just swap it out again!

As always, this is stuff that either I have shot, lit or edited, most of them it’s all three.  But everything was edited on Final Cut Pro and shot on various formats.

For more details on each project, please look at my Videos section to find the corresponding clip.  If you have any questions, shoot me an email, and I’ll be glad to answer them.


– Bradical

Lucha Delivery

An unexpected delivery shows up on Justin’s doorstep

We shot this for the sketch comedy group “Group Therapy”.  It was shot and edited in 1 day and was up and ready for the fabulous audience the next day.

It was shot using the Canon T2i Digital Rebel DSLR camera.  Edited using Apple’s Final Cut Pro.

Directed & Cinematography by Brad Harris

Story & Edited by Justin Jones

Dr. Casey Cooper Sizzle Reel

A sizzle reel for Dr. Casey Cooper, highlighting some of her achievements.
Content assembled in Motion.

Concept by Brad Harris

Created by Justin Jones & Brad Harris for Citrus District Media LLC.

Bloodsucka Jones

Bloodsucka Jones was shot in Lake Forrest and Costa Mesa CA. It is currently in post-production and will be hitting the festival circuit soon.

Shot on Panasonic HVX200a.

HD 720p/24p

Edited on Final Cut Pro

Directed by Justin Armao.

Cinematography by Robert Hoover.

Camera Operation by Brad Harris.

Teaser Trailers Edited by Brad Harris.

Extended Edit Reel

This reel is extended from the short reel to show edit techniques in pacing, story telling, mood and timing.

Again, I have a lot to add to this, so I hope to get that up quickly!

Short n’ Sweet Edit Reel

This reel is a compilation of work over the past 10 years, all of which I either shot, directed the photography, or edited.

Shot on various formats 480i, 720p, 1080i, and edited on Final Cut Pro.

I need to update this soon, I have a lot of awesome stuff, a lot of not-so-awesome stuff, and some… stuff to add!

Avner – “JANUARY”

Avner was shot in Laguna Hills, CA.  in 2007. This was a live performance shoot.

Shot on Canon GL1 & GL2

DV 480i

Edited on Final Cut Pro

Shot by Brad Harris.

Edited by Brad Harris.