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And… That’s a wrap! wait, WHAT?

So, where have I been?

Well, once we finished shooting “Denim Heat”, I jumped right on the editing gravy-train.  After a handful of late night edit sessions, “Denim Heat” is picture wrapped!I am very excited.  This is one of the funner projects I have worked on, and one of the funniest finished products yet!  All we have to do is Master this thing and get it ready for festivals.

So, we picture wrapped “Denim Heat” and IMMEDIATELY jumped into shooting the next project.

Adam Young, my dear, sweet friend, is going to be in India working as a stage-hand for a magician for 4 months and we wanted to jam out a quick project of his before he left.  Adam wrote & directed “Denim Heat” and wrote a fun monologue that Hoover & I desperately wanted to shoot.

We teamed up on Friday Dec. 10th with one of the most refined and fun crews yet.

Hoover – Director

Me – Director of Photography

Troy Solberg – Camera Op.

Chris Stinet – 1st AC

Mike Switzter – Gaffer

Jet Ayala – Key Grip

Justin Henry – Audio

Pani Duprey – Grip

This was the first project that I have gotten to shoot on the Canon 5D.  One of Hoover’s video mentors and friends, Troy Solberg, so graciously donated his time, equipment, camera, experience and presence to our cause.  Frankly, I’m glad for a couple reasons that he did.  One, he brought a lot of professionalism to the set, which we needed.  Two, Hoover always refers to Trey as “This video guru guy Trey that I know…” even though he has told me about him NUMEROUS times, and I finally got to put a face to the name, awesome guy!
So hopefully, I can find an actual job soon, but until then, I have “The Juice” to finish editing, “Denim Heat” to get into the festival circuit, and “Bloodsucka Jones” to… start to edit, I need a new Hard Drive for that one though…
So there you are…!